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Gilwell Park Amateur Radio Station

This website will be the hub of all the information during the Jamboree on the Air weekend, from Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre. For the rest of the year it will still contain information about the station, and when we are likely to be active - however certain elements like the webcams and the live frequencies won't be running when the station is closed.


Adventure in the LidJamboree on the Air & Jamboree on the Internet
at Gilwell Park 2014

Booking for this event is now CLOSED - and we're looking forward to a great event this weekend, contacting Scouts all over the world using the Internet (ScoutLink and IRC, as well as Skype) and the shortwave and VHF radio bands. The aerials have all been put up (see our Facebook page for the pictures!) and the computers are all laid out ready... We should have several webcams online if you want to see what we are doing - have a look at the Webcam page from the menu on the left.

Latest operating information:

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Webcam One
sample webcam image
Webcam Two
sample webcam image
Weather Satellite image
sample weather satellite image
Slow Scan Television
sample sstv image
Radios are currently on air on these frequencies:
HF Radio 1: TS-2000
Frequency: 21.360.000 MHz Mode: Last report: 19-Oct-2014 17:20:10
HF Radio 2: TS-2000
Frequency: 7.111.000 MHz Mode: Last report: 19-Oct-2014 17:20:58
HF Radio 3: FT-990
Frequency: 18.157.150 MHz Mode: USB Last report: 19-Oct-2014 16:50:00
HF Data: FT-920
Frequency: 28.400.000 MHz Mode: LSB Last report: 19-Oct-2014 17:01:26
VHF / UHF Radio: FT-857
Frequency: 0 MHz Mode: Last report: 19-Oct-2014 16:49:33
EME Radio: FT-847
Frequency: 0 MHz Mode: Last report: 19-Oct-2014 14:23:50

To see the latest stations heard on PSK, please click here
(enter GB2GP in the callsign box and select last 24 hours if not already selected)

Online Logbook

Visit the logbook page for a fuller list of stations worked...